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Public Schools Fencing Championships Sponsored by the Leon Paul Equipment Co Ltd.
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General Information

The 2018 Public Schools' Fencing Championships will be held at the
Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, Ledrington Road, London SE19 2BB
on Tuesday 13th, Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th March, 2018.

Tuesday 13th March

Boys' Senior Foil

Girls' Senior Foil

Boys' Junior Epée

Girls' Junior Foil

Boys' Mount-Haes Epée

Girls' Mount-Haes Foil

Wednesday 14th March

Boys' Senior Epée

Girls' Senior Epée

Boys' Junior Foil

Girls' Junior Epée

Boys' Mount-Haes Foil

Girls' Mount-Haes Epée

Thursday 15th March

Boys' Senior Sabre

Girls' Senior Sabre

Boys' Junior Sabre

Girls' Junior Sabre

Boys' Mount-Haes Sabre

Girls' Mount-Haes Sabre


All competitors must be at a school represented on the Head Masters' Conference or the Girls' Schools' Association during the term in which the Championships are held. (A school that ceases to be so represented may continue to enter pupils as long as it competes each year).

Age Limits


Fencers born before 1st Sept 2001


Fencers born on or between
1st Sept 2001 and 31st Aug 2003


Fencers born on or between
1st Sept 2003 and 31st Aug 2005


All schools are required to register with us to confirm their eligibility. This may be done before the entry pages open.

If you have not done so in previous years, the Teacher i/c Fencing should go to the registration page and complete all details required. After submitting the details you will receive a password that will allow access to the entry pages when they are open.
If you have registered your school in previous years and forgotten the password, please do not re-register the school. There is a password request facility. Please use it.
The password will be sent to the previously registered email address. If this has changed please use the contact page to let us know the new email address and your registration details will be updated.

Entry Pages for the 2018 Championships will open on Monday 27th November 2017.


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